Doctoral Program Graduates

Angela Kaiser
Dissertation title: Bridging Social Capital Formation in a Faith-Based Organization. [defended 2010]

Position: Assistant Professor, Oakland University

Angela Kaiser

April Idalski Carcone
Dissertation title: A Social Ecological Perspective on Diabetes Care: Supporting Adolescents and Caregivers [defended 2010]

Position: Assistant Professor (research), Pediatric Prevention Research Center, Wayne State University, School of Medicine

April Idalski Carcone

Shelly Tucker
Dissertation title: The Civic engagement of Latino immigrants in the United States [defended 2010]

Independent Research and Author

Cristina Tucker

Rebecca Wiersma
Dissertation title: Children's Adaptive Psychological Functioning in the Face of Adversity [defended 2010]

Position: Associate Professor, Madonna University

Rebecca Wiersma

Jessica Lee Lucero
Dissertation Title: Neighborhood Risk and Protective Factors for Teenage Childbearing and Fathering [defended 2012]

Position: Assistant Professor, Utah State University

Erin Comartin
Dissertation Title: Collective Action for the Rights of Sex Offenders: Evaluating Social Movement Organizations [defended 2012]

Position: Assistant Professor, Wayne State University

Kimberly Ann Brisebois
Dissertation Title: Child Welfare Professionals on Kinship Caregivers: Attitudes and Implications [defended 2012]

Position: Director of Family Services, Windsor-Essex Children's Aid Society

Jessica Camp
Dissertation Title: Mental Disorders and Inequality in the United States: Intersection of Race, Gender, and Disability on Employment and Income [defended October 2013]

Position: Assistant Professor, University of Michigan-Flint

Mickey Sperlich

Dissertation Title:  Trauma Exposure, Posttraumatic Stress, and Depression in a Community Sample of First-time Mothers [defended July 2014]

Position: Assistant Professor, State University of New York at Buffalo

Sarah Van Zoeren

Dissertation Title: The Influence of Individual and Perceived Organizational Characteristics On Teacher Interventions In Bullying Situations [defended May 2014]

Position: Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, College of Health and Human Services, Eastern Michigan University

Cassandra Barragan

Dissertation Title: What Impacts Life Satisfaction of Aging Adults Following Stressful Life Events?: An Examination of the Buffering Effect of Personal Resources [defended March 2015]

Position: Assessment Coordinator, Oakland University and Part-Time Faculty, Wayne State University

Shantel Crosby

Dissertation title: Evaluating Trauma-Informed Educational Practices With Trauma-Exposed, Female Students

Position: Assistant Professor, University of Louisville

Christina Marsack

Dissertation title: An Examination of Quality of Life of Parents of Adult Children Diagnosed With Autism Spectrum Disorder [defended February, 2016]

Position: Assistant Professor, Eastern Michigan University

Deirdre Shires

Dissertation title: Factors Associated with Primary Care Providers' Willingness to Deliver Routine and Transition Care to Transgender Individuals [defended May, 2016]

Position: Assistant Professor, Michigan State University

Laurel M. Hicks

Dissertation title: Preparing to Parent: Mindfulness in Expectant
Parents exposed to Adversity [defended June 2017]

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Neurodevelopmental Research Program, Department of Psychology, University of Denver




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