Doctoral Program Faculty

J Allen
Assistant Professor
Jerrold Brandell
Distinguished Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Suzanne Brown
Associate Professor
Carolyn Joy Dayton
Associate Professor
Antonio Gonzalez-Prendes
Associate Professor
Jun Sung Hong
Assistant Professor
Faith Hopp
Associate Professor, Doctoral Program Director
Kim Jaffee
Associate Professor, Director of the joint MSW-MPH program
Michael Kral
Associate Professor
Sheryl Kubiak
Dean, Professor and Director of the Center for Behavioral Health and Justice
Jamey Lister
Assistant Professor
Lisa O'Donnell
Assistant Professor
Debra Patterson
Associate Professor and B.S.W. Coordinator
Tam Perry
Associate Professor
Stella Resko
Associate Professor and Certificate in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Studies Coordinator
Richard Smith
Associate Professor
Joanne Smith-Darden
Associate Professor for Research
Joanne Sobeck
Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Research; Director, Center for Social Work Research
Arlene Weisz
150 years in the heart of Detroit