PhD degree options

The programs of study leading to the PhD in Social Work are designed to prepare students for leadership in social work research, clinical scholarship, and social welfare policy.

At the time of admission, all students select from two concentrations: Policy and Practice, or Clinical Scholarship, both of which require intensive courses in research and theory. Policy and practice students complete courses in a cognate that include coursework outside of the School of Social Work. Clinical scholarship students complete advanced coursework in clinical theory and advanced practice. In addition to electing a concentration, students may also choose to elect a dual title degree in Infant Mental Health or Gerontology. The School also provides an interdisciplinary degree program in Social Work and Anthropology (SWAN).

The first two years of graduate study for full-time students are focused on core coursework in statistics, research methods, and social work theory at the Micro, Mezzo, and Macro levels. These courses provide a foundation for PhD-level knowledge and skills, and are assessed through qualifying exams in these core curricular areas. Further information on the curriculum can be found here.

The part-time program permits students to complete PhD coursework over a three- or four-year period.

All prospective students are strongly encouraged to attend an informational meeting covering the Ph.D. curriculum and concentrations, the application process, tuition, career information, scholarship opportunities, and much more. For further information on the Ph.D. program, please contact the program at

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2018-2019 Graduate Teaching Assistanship(GTA), Application Deadline: March 21, 2018