About Field Education

The School of Social Work prepares professional practitioners at the baccalaureate and masters levels to provide service to vulnerable and oppressed individuals, groups, families, communities, and organizations located in the Detroit metropolitan area. 

Because of Wayne State University's historical legacy, the school places special emphasis on this goal to prepare all professional practitioners to work with clients who have been disenfranchised through unjust and inequitable policies, practices, and programs institutionalized in society and its social institutions. 

Field education is an integral part of the social work degree curriculum, and is required of all students in the BSW and MSW programs. CSWE (Council on Social Work Education) requires colleges and universities offering accredited social work degrees to provide students educational instruction and opportunities in five areas: human behavior, policy, practice methods, research, and field education/work. 

Important Field Information

Winter 2020 Important Dates:

  • Monday January 6, 2020: Winter 2020 Field internships begin (unless directed to begin on a different date by the agency).
  • Learning Plan is due Friday, January 31, 2020
  • Process Recordings or PRACSIS due dates:
    • Process Recording/PRACSIS 1: January 31, 2020
    • Process Recording/PRACSIS 2: February 7, 2020
    • Process Recording/PRACSIS 3: February 14, 2020
    • Process Recording/PRACSIS 4: March 13, 2020
    • Process Recording/PRACSIS 5: March 27, 2020
  • Midterm Evaluation due March 6, 2020
  • Field Instructor Assessment of Student Competencies (FIASC) due April 17, 2020
  • Friday, April 24, 2020: Official last day of Field for Winter 2019. All students must remain in field until this date.

Spring/Summer 2020 Field Placement is scheduled to begin on May 4, 2020, unless a different date is provided by the agency, and the first official "last day" is August 14, 2020. 

Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training (BHWET) Program

The BHWET program presents a unique opportunity to work with disciplines outside of Social Work with the aim of increasing the comprehensiveness of patient care, especially in medically underserved communities. Students involved in the program will gain a wealth of knowledge not only through their social work practice but also through working with other practitioners in the physical health fields as well as interdisciplinary trainings. Tuition stipends may also be available to participants.

For our Fall 2019 cohort we will be accepting 18-20 students in their Advanced Year/final year in the MSW program. Ideal candidates for this program will have a passion for working in the behavioral health field (particularly in underserved communities) and have a strong interest in working in an integrated healthcare setting in the future. To be considered for this program, make sure that you indicate your interest on the IPT form. Placement sites for the Fall 2019 Cohort have not been finalized, but may include: Children's Hospital of Michigan, Detroit Central City Integrated Health, Wayne State University/DMC HIV/AIDS Program, and Sinai Grace Hospital. Notification of acceptance into the BHWET program will be announced late this summer by the School of Social Work. 

Please note- interviewing at one of the field sites does NOT guarantee a spot in the program as field sites will be making the final decision regarding students accepted into the program. Additionally, placement at one of the partner sites does not guarantee a spot in the program as many field sites will have spots for students that are in the BHWET program as well as regular field sites (for example: Children's Hospital may be looking to place 15 students for field, however only 4 of those may be with the BHWET program). 

For more information, please contact Kristi Price at fk7354@wayne.edu

Wayne Together Collaborative (WTC)

The WSU School of Social Work is pleased to announce the continuation of the "Wayne Together" – Child Welfare Learning and Leadership Collaborative. The WSU School of Social Work will collaborate with the Children's Services division of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (Detroit, Highland Park, and Inkster), Forever Families (Livonia), Judson Center (Redford), and Vista Maria (Dearborn Heights).

Advantages to participation in the "Wayne Together" Collaborative Program include the following:

  • A robust field placement that allows the student to gain an understanding of the depth and breadth of child welfare services,
  • The opportunity to pursue a field placement that provides specialized training in child welfare among high-need diverse child welfare populations impacted by poverty and trauma in Wayne County,
  • The development of knowledge and leadership skills relevant to the workforce within the child welfare field,
  • Opportunity for strong integration between child welfare field work and relevant coursework,
  • County, state and national networking opportunities with professionals and students involved in the program,
  • Students that complete the WTC program (placement and required courses) are eligible for advanced placement into the Michigan Child Welfare Training Institute.

Criteria for selection in the Wayne Together Collaborative (WTC) Program include:

  • Admission into the MSW program and/or good academic standing and proven ability to work well with clients, colleagues, and instructors.
  • Advanced year students in the final year of the MSW program.
  • Reliable transportation and willingness to travel as required.
  • No criminal history or problems obtaining clearances.
  • A commitment to participate in/complete:
    • Attend scheduled trainings and seminars
    • Enroll in child welfare specific courses (subject to change):
      • SW 5755 Introduction to Child Welfare- 3 credits
      • SW 6100 Child Welfare and Social Systems: Context for Case Management Practice- 3 credits
      • SW 7700 Trauma Informed Child Welfare Practice-3 credits
    • Wayne Together Collaborative (WTC) data management and evaluation activities
    • Alumni of the program will be expected to return once a year to share their experiences, participate on the selection committee, and if working in the training field sites, serve as mentors to new students.

Applications can be submited here.

Contact Takisha LaShore at 313-577-4446 or ap7738@wayne.edu for more information. 

Learn More about Our Program

The link below takes you to our Frequently Asked Questions section of the Field Education Manual. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.


Looking to Get More Involved?

If you are part of a social work agency in the metro Detroit or surrounding area, and you would like to work with our social work students, please feel free to contact us.  We are always interested in forming relationships with new agencies. The first step in the process would be to complete the Application for Agency Participation. If your agency is already a partner site and you are looking to become a Field Instructor for your agency, please complete the New Field Instructor Application.