Faculty practicum liaisons

The Faculty Practicum Liaison is a member of the school staff or faculty who serves as a liaison between the student, the practicum instructor, and the staff of the practicum placement site. Each student is assigned a Faculty Practicum Liaison upon starting a practicum placement. The Faculty Practicum Liaison meets with the practicum instructor and student to specify and clarify assignments and concerns, assess student process recordings, make recommendations to the Office of Practicum Education, review student evaluations, and grade the student in practicum work. The Faculty Practicum Liaison can also discuss career plans with students and suggest courses that will enhance employment options. 

The Faculty Practicum Liaison will make a minimum of two practicum visits per academic year for students in full-time and part-time BSW and MSW programs. Should a problem arise with a student's progress or with the agency environment, the faculty practicum liaison will work with the student and practicum instructor to create a corrective action plan (CAP). Please contact the Practicum Office to assign a CAP to a student in IPT.