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BSW Seniors are in practicum work two days (16 hours) a week during both semesters of the academic year. Students are expected to participate in direct practice with individuals and/or small groups and to understand the familial, community, organizational, and societal context of human behavior. Assignments in the senior year will combine practice with at least two levels of systems including individuals, families, groups (including task-oriented groups), and community organizations.

We offer a traditional BSW Program in a part-time or full-time format. Additionally, we offer a fully online program BSW WOW! (Where Online Works!). For more information on starting one of our programs, please take a look at these descriptions.

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Practicum education is a major educational component of graduate social work education, and it is the signature pedagogy of the WSU School of Social Work degree programs. Practicum education in the MSW Program Foundation Year requires students learn the fundamentals of social work, which prepares them for their Advanced Year with the program, where students specialize in a chosen interest area. We offer our accelerated Advanced Standing MSW program for graduates holding a bachelors degree in social work. Advanced Year students must choose between two theory tracks, Interpersonal Practice (IP) and Innovations in Community, Policy, and Leadership (ICPL).  Each concentration offers a different practice focus. 

  • Interpersonal Practice focuses on child welfare, families at risk, schools, aging/gerontology, healthcare, mental health inpatient, and mental health outpatient.
  • Innovation in Community, Policy, and Leadership provides students with working knowledge of social work from three interest areas: community building/development, policy, and leadership.

Advanced Year students may also choose between two days of internship (16 hours) or three days (24 hours) per week. We offer a traditional two-year full-time MSW program with part-time plans available. The Advanced Standing full-time program is ten months, while the part time program is stretched over two years.  

For more information on starting one of our programs, please take a look at these descriptions.

Course Information

Practicum dates

Note these important dates in your calendar. 

Practicum education manual

The Practicum Education Manual is the guidebook for internship placement at the School of Social Work.  The manual:
  • Defines the role and responsibilities of all persons involved in Practicum education;
  • Explains the goals of each program, the Office of Practicum Education (OPE), and the School of Social Work;
  • Details the policies and procedures used in our office; and
  • Includes all of the documents used in Practicum placement. 

It is an excellent resource for prospective and current students, internship placement site personnel, and university-appointed faculty advisors. 

Manual Provisions