Practicum Education Manual

The Practicum Education Manual is the guidebook for practicum placement at the School of Social Work. The manual:

  • Defines the role and responsibilities of all persons involved in practicum education;
  • Explains the goals of each program, the Office of Practicum Education (OPE), and the School of Social Work;
  • Details the policies and procedures used in our office; and Includes all of the documents used in practicum placement. 

Table of contents

I.  Introduction

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Non-Discrimination and Equality-of-Opportunity Policy

II.  Overview of Practicum Education

  1. Objectives of Practicum Education
    1. Importance of Practicum Education
  2. Practicum Education and the Urban Mission
  3. Organization and Coordination of Practicum Education
  4. Office of Practicum Education
  5. Professional & Technical Standards
  6. Practicum Education Health Clearance Policy
  7. FAQ-Frequently asked questions

III.  Roles and Responsibilities of Involved Parties

  1. Overview
  2. Professional Conduct
  3. Practicum Placement Site
  4. Director of Practicum Education
  5. Placement Assistant
  6. Faculty Practicum Liaison
    1. Faculty Practicum Liaison Visits
  7. Practicum Instructor
    1. Practicum Instructor Seminars
    2. Practicum Instructor Meetings with Student
    3. Practicum Instructor Evaluation of Practicum Experience
  8. Task Supervisor
  9. Student
    1. General Responsibilities
    2. Responsibilities Prior to Beginning Practicum Placement
    3. Responsibilities When Doing Practicum Placement
    4. Student Evaluation of Practicum Experience

IV.  Practicum Education for Undergraduate Students: Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

  1. Goal of the BSW Program
  2. Objectives of the BSW Program
  3. Practicum Education Requirements for the BSW Degree
  4. Senior Year Student Requirements and Assignments
  5. Part-time Study
  6. Block Placement
  7. Three-day-per-week Placement
  8. Place of Employment (POE)
  9. Dual Relationships with agency
  10. BSW Senior Year SW 4998 Syllabus 

V.  Practicum Education for Graduate Students: Master of Social Work (MSW)

  1. Goal of the MSW Program
  2. Descriptions and Objectives of the MSW Program
    1. Foundation Year Description and Objectives
    2. Advanced Year Description and Objectives
  3. Practicum Education Requirements for the MSW Degree
  4. Foundation Year Student Requirements and Assignments
  5. Advanced Year Student Requirements and Assignments
    1. Innovation in Community, Policy and Leadership (I-CPL)
    2. Interpersonal Practice (IP)
  6. Advanced Standing Status
  7. Part-time Study
  8. Three-day-per-week Placement
  9. Place of Employment (POE)
  10. Dual Relationships
  11. MSW Foundation Year SW 7998 Syllabus
  12. MSW Advanced Year SW 8998 Syllabus

VI.  Practicum Education Placement Policies, Procedures, and Processes

  1. Practicum Placement Process
    1. IPE Student Detail Page
    2. Practicum Placement Interview
    3. Suggested Questions for Practicum Placement Interviews
    4. Nature of Practicum Placement
  2. Selection of Practicum Placement Site
  3. Change of Practicum Placement
  4. Selection of Practicum Instructor
    1. Practicum Instructor Requirements
      1. State of Michigan Social Worker Licensure
    2. New Practicum Instructor
    3. Change of Practicum Instructor
  5. Practicum Placement Policies and Procedures
    1. No Academic Credit for Life and/or Work Experience
    2. Academic Calendar
    3. Attendance at Practicum Placement
    4. Criminal History Advisement
    5. Drug Screening Advisement
    6. Practicum Placement Site Locations
    7. Practicum Placement at Agency with Family Member(s) or Client Status
    8. Offer of Employment by Internship Agency
    9. Place of Employment (POE) Practicum Placement
    10. Student Participation on School Committees
    11. Advocacy
    12. Letters of Reference for Graduating Students
    13. Extension of Practicum Placement
    14. Official Strikes at Practicum Placement
    15. Student Use of Private Vehicle
    16. Student Professional Liability Insurance
    17. Resolution of Problems Regarding Practicum Placement
      1.  Corrective Action Plan   
    18. Wayne State University Policy on Student Injuries    
    19. Student Safety 
    20. Affiliation Agreement
    21. Practicum Placement Clock Hours
      1. Verification
      2. Requirements for Degree Programs
      3. Acceptable Activities for Obtainment of Clock Hours
      4. Clock Hours and Credit Hours
    22. Classroom Assignments
    23. Jury Duty

VII.  Forms and Applications

    1. Offer of Employment by Internship Agency Policy and Application
    2. Place of Employment (POE) Practicum Placement Policy and Application
    3. Corrective Action Plan
    4. Midterm Evaluation
    5. Practicum Instructor Assessment of Student Competencies
      1. SW 4998: Senior year- BSW Senior PIASC
      2. SW 7998: Foundation year (first year)- MSW Foundation Year PIASC
      3. SW 8998: Advanced year (second year & pre-candidate)
        1. MSW Advanced Year IP PIASC
        2. MSW Advanced Year ICPL PIASC