Documents and forms

Student assignments

Forms must be submitted through IPT to receive credit. Below you will find form explanations and examples.

Practicum placement


Field Instructors must submit two evaluations per semester of each student they supervise.  The Midterm Evaluation allows the faculty advisor and field instructor to assess progress and make any necessary changes.  The Field Instructor Assessment of Student Competencies (FIASC) measures student competency in field placement and is based on competencies that form the foundation for Field Work courses.  Field Instructors fill out the assessment, discuss the responses with their students, and submit the FIASC to the Faculty Advisor for review.  Both the Midterm Evaluation and FIASC must be submitted through IPT.  Following are examples of each of the evaluations.

For field instructors

Field instructor introduction: This document provides an explanation of the role and expectations of field instructors, as well as the educational objectives for students in Field Placement.  Important dates and descriptions of our various Field Placement documents and forms are included, as well.

New field instructor seminars:  We offer monthly seminars geared towards new field instructors to discuss topics relevant to supervision of social work students.  The seminars are no cost and are worth two Continuing Education Contact Hours per seminar.  Please review the schedule for the dates, times, and location of each seminar.

Intern job description: This is an example to help Field Instructors in laying out the expectations of their student intern.  Field Instructors are encouraged to give a job description to their student(s) at the beginning of the term.

Supervision agenda: Students are strongly encouraged or required by their faculty advisor to create an agenda for supervision meetings with their field instructor.  The explanation and examples are included here for your reference.

For faculty field liaison

Corrective action plan: When concerns with a student's progress or agency environment are identified, a faculty advisor works with the student and field instructor to create a corrective action plan.  This document must be completed and filed in the student's file. This is often prompted by the results of the Midterm Evaluation or contact from the Field Instructor. 

Syllabus addendum: (file will automatically download): Faculty Field Liaisons should adapt this document to include their expectations of their assigned students.  The items in red are areas that should be addressed.