Corrective action plan

There may be occasions when Students have concerns about aspects of their placement (e.g. amount of supervision, agency policies or number of cases). Alternately, agencies at times may identify concerns about a Student's functioning or performance in the agency. When problems arise, it is always important for the Student and/or Practicum Instructor to contact the Faculty Advisor early on. The Faculty Advisor is available to consult about the problem, helping to identify the issues and suggesting steps towards a resolution. If problems persist despite the efforts of the Practicum Instructor, Student and Advisor to resolve them, a more formal step may be taken.

Plans to improve the situation are always the first step and the Advisor will remain involved to monitor progress towards changes that are being initiated. If, for example, supervision time has not been adequate, the School would work with the agency to address this problem.  If needed, a meeting of Faculty Advisor, Student, Practicum Instructor and at times the agency Director of Training and/or Director of Practicum Education, will be held to assess and locate areas of difficulty. Generally, plans are made to alleviate or resolve problems by carefully designed and monitored strategies. The outcome of a meeting will include a Corrective Action Plan, written by the Practicum Instructor and Student, with a copy distributed to the Faculty Advisor. Goals set forth will be reviewed periodically. 

After the Corrective Action Plan is completed and signed by Student, Practicum Instructor and Faculty Advisor, a copy must be placed in Student file. The Faculty Advisor will maintain records of contact regarding follow up and outcome these will also be placed in Student file.