Student intern job description example

Agency description

"X" agency offers children and parents opportunities to participate in skill-building and recreational activities through community outreach efforts. "X" agency hopes to improve family relationships by increasing meaningful communication and positive social experiences within the family unit. 

Student intern job summary

A student intern will work under the supervision of a staff member who meets the educational and workrelated qualifications required by "ABC University". A student intern will be provided with her/his own working space with all supplies and equipment needed to complete specified job functions, including access to client files and electronic communications, as well as mileage reimbursement. A student intern is expected to follow the guidelines "X" agency's policy and procedure manual outlines, and is expected to participate in an orientation session facilitated by a human-resources representative. Specific tasks will be defined by the student and assigned practicum instructor, with direction provided by "ABC University's" educational expectations and learning objectives.

Student intern job qualifications

  • Experience and Knowledge
    • Understanding of Microsoft Word and Excel computer applications
    • Experience working or volunteering with a vulnerable population(s)
    • Knowledge of therapeutic strategies
    • Interest in working with groups and families
  • Education
    • Currently enrolled in social work coursework with an accredited college or university
    • Previous educational instruction related to working with groups and families


The student intern position is based out of "X" agency's office on 123 First Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. However, numerous tasks will require traveling off-site to other locations in the county to perform community outreach functions.

Contact person

Ms. Jane Smith 
"X" agency
123 First Avenue 
Detroit, MI 48202 
Phone: (555) 555-5555; Fax: (555) 555-555