Student-Practicum Instructor Supervision Agenda

The goal of the supervision agenda is to assist students in structuring supervision meetings by outlining topics for discussion.  This supervision agenda is developed by the student and approved by the practicum instructor prior to the scheduled weekly supervision time.  Topics relevant to the students' assignments in practicum, such as preparation for tasks or feedback on ongoing and completed tasks, should provide the bulk of the material.  Additionally, the agenda will allow for review of time sensitive documents related to practicum such as the Learning Plan, Process Recordings, PRACSIS, midterm evaluation or PIASC, prior to due dates.  

The relevant topics and time allotment are subject to change from week to week as projects, duties, and responsibilities change.  Students should adapt their agenda as they become more familiar with the agency and their practicum instructor-student relationship.  

See the example below:  

Student- Practicum Instructor Supervision Agenda

Date: Tuesday August 13th

Time: 10:00am- 11:00am

Attendees: Student, Practicum Instructor, Task Supervisor (optional attendance/when appropriate)

  1. Observation of IEP (15 minutes)
    1. I observed my first IEP Thursday with the Johnson family and I would like to discuss it.
  2. Connection of classroom and internship placement (20 minutes)
    1. Last week in class we discussed rapport building with client.  When do you know what you are doing is building a rapport vs. interviewing vs. prying?
  3. Open discussion (15 minutes)
  4. Plan for next meeting (10 minutes)
    1. Date and time: Tuesday, August 20th from 10:00 am- 11:00 am
    2. Relevant Topics: 
      1. Discuss Process recording #3
      2. Schedule faculty advisor visit iii. Discuss midterm evaluation
8/21/2013 TL