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The Heat and Warmth Fund

Since 1985, The Heat and Warmth Fund (THAW), a non-profit organization, has provided assistance to low-income, unemployed, and underemployed residents of Michigan so that residents can make choices that keep their families safe and warm in their own homes. Along with offering the DTE Energy Low-Income Self-Sufficiency Plan, SEMCO Monthly Assistance Plan, and Consumers Affordable Resource for Energy Program (CARE) MEAP programs to eligible consumers, THAW provides energy efficiency education, financial counseling, and case management and referral service(s) in the hope of creating a path to self-sufficiency (The Heat and Warmth Fund, 2019).  

In an effort to move Michigan forward in the area of energy assistance, THAW engaged Joanne Sobeck and Lena Boraggina-Ballard of the Center for Social Work Research to conduct a feasibility assessment that leads to a comprehensive evaluation that places THAW's vision at the forefront. The research team will use a participatory approach to ensure that the evaluation provides meaningful information to support THAW in this endeavor.

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