Pre and post award information


  • Matchmaker: A tool for searching NIH-funded projects
    Matchmaker is a query interface where users can submit abstracts or other scientific text to find similar projects. Matchmaker also automatically creates charts of the most common peer review study sections, funding institutes and centers (ICs), and activity codes in your list of similar projects to help you narrow in on which study sections reviewed those projects and understand which NIH ICs fund similar work.
  • Research Connect
    A research tool that provides a searchable database of expertise across most disciplines at WSU.
  • Sponsored Program Administration (SPA)
    SPA within the Division of Research is responsible for the institutional oversight for Wayne State University's externally sponsored research projects and programs. The SPA provides service to three distinct groups: 1) faculty, 2) the University, and 3) the sponsors.

    More information on SPA can be found in the Boilerplate Language section of our website.
  • Pivot
    Pivot is a searchable database of international funding sources for research in health, humanities, and social sciences and matches researchers' profiles to potential sources of funding and to researchers with similar scholarly interests.
    A central resource to search and apply for federal grant programs and receive support throughout the application process. The site provides application forms with quality checks, customer support, a single registration process that streamlines access to federal grants, a comprehensive, searchable database of funding opportunities, and email alerts to new funding sources.
  • Social Work Research Network (SWRnet)
    SWRnet provides information on current funding opportunities, conference deadlines, professional fellowships, calls for proposals, and recently published social work research, as well as resources for doctoral students.
  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
    Resource for funding opportunities, announcements of funding priorities, and grant application and management support for research related to improving the quality and service delivery of healthcare.
  • Foundation Directory Online
    The Foundation Directory is a comprehensive, searchable database of funding opportunities through private foundations. The full database can be accessed only on computers in the Purdy/Kresge Library. They also offer a free, limited search engine.
  • Chronicle of Philanthropy
    Database of federal and foundation research grants, searchable by keyword or research field.

WSU School of Social Work pre and post award processes

Download Pre/post award support PowerPoint (.ppt)

  • Proposal development supports
    • Assistance with grant writing (idea generation to study design)
    • Statistical consultant
    • External reviews
    • Budget development
    • Review by WSU Development
    • Editing
    • Completion of forms and boilerplate language
    • Coordination of signatures and forms
    • Mailing and/or submission
  • Steps in the proposal process
    1. Discussions with Research Director, colleagues, potential funders and collaborators. These can include some discussion of funding amount, but are not formal proposals and may also include a forum for brainstorming and feedback on ideas.
    2. Approval by WSU Development or Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) office. WSU Development reviews foundation and corporate grants. SPA reviews government grants and all contract work. Please allow at least five (5) business days from submission of a proposal until approval from SPA or Development. In order to submit a proposal for WSU approval, you need:

      The Form for External Support (FES). This is an internal WSU document which collects relevant information and signature acquisition before a proposal is submitted to Development or SPA for approval.
      • An abstract which describes the work (this does not have to be final copy- just a good representation of what is planned).
      • A budget
      • A budget justification/narrative
      • Funder guidelines (such as the RFP/if there are none then this is not needed).
      • Funder policies on paying indirect cost. If they do not have one, then standard rates (52% for on campus research, 26% for off campus research) should be charged. A letter from the potential funder indicating the amount they will pay is sufficient.
    3. Once approval is secured from Development or SPA, the proposal can be submitted to the funder.
    4. If the funder accepts the proposal, the following is needed in order to submit for a University account number. This is called "requesting a tentative account number"
      • A letter from the funder indicating (a) that they accept the proposal, (b) the period of time and (c) the amount of funding. There should also be an indication if they will be developing the contract or if they are asking WSU to develop the agreement.
      • Internal review board (Human subjects) approval if appropriate.
      • An affirmation memo signed by the Principal Investigator (Janie Williams-White will provide).
      • A PFR form (Provisional Fund Request) which requests that an account number be established prior to the final signing of the contract. This form needs to be signed by the Principal Investigator (Janie Williams-White will provide).
    5. Ultimately, a contract will be developed either by the funder or WSU.

Post award

  • Phase I: Start up
    • Official notification of award to Janie Williams-White, Business Manager.
    • If needed, Business Manager alerts PI and Research Director.
    • Once an account number is established, Neva Nahan and Janie Williams-White will schedule an "expenditure planning meeting" where we will discuss how the project will spend the funding and who is responsible for which step.  This will include how to have personnel hired, how to order items such as gift cards or equipment, and how to request summer pay. 
    • Preparation of a Institutional Review Board (IRB) application may be started.
  • Phase II: Ongoing monitoring
    • Principal investigators can expect monthly statements which describe the expenditures and balances- these will be sent to the PI and Research Coordinator (questions about the monthly statements should be directed to Janie Williams-White). 
    • The Research Coordinator will maintain a spreadsheet on critical submission dates related to reports and invoices and will notify Business Manager and PI.
    • Follow-up expenditure-planning meetings can be convened by the PI, Business Manager, or Research Coordinator as needed.
  • Phase III: Preparation for Grant Closure
    • Approximately two-four months before the account is set to be closed, another expenditure-planning meeting will be held to be sure that spending is on track, to make changes with appropriate approvals, and to determine if a no-cost extension is required.