Statistical resources

Research Design and Analysis Consulting (RDA)

The Department of Psychology is home to Research Design and Analysis Consulting (RDA). They provide assistance with the design of research projects and the statistical analysis of data. The service is available free of charge to Wayne State University faculty, staff, post-doctoral researchers, and graduate students for assistance with research that is not supported by external funding (e.g., grant, contract). Visit their website to learn more about what RDA offers and to request services.

Statistical software and tests resource list

This document provides links to educational resources for running statistical tests and using a variety of statistical software. 

Further Reading

The document above contains references for various journal articles, user guides, and lecture notes. These materials are available for download below:


Missing Data

Guidelines for handling missing data in social science research (PDF)

Factor Analysis

Factor Analysis: Statistics in Psychosocial Research (Johns Hopkins) (PDF)
Factor Analysis (Princeton) (PDF)

Multilevel/Hierarchical Modeling

Multilevel Modeling (Columbia University) (PDF)
Oxford Journals: Multilevel Modeling Limitations (PDF)


Department of Statistics (Penn State) Multinomial Logistic Regression (PDF)

Structural Equation Modeling

Chapter on Structural Equation Modeling (PDF)
Structural Equation Models (Fox, 2002) (PDF)